Calendar of Events for 2021-2022
Sep. 01, 2021 Registration for schools and participants opens!
Sep. 15, 2021  Letters of Invitation announcing this year's contest are mailed to schools. If you or your school did not receive an announcement letter and you are interested in participating in this year's contest, please e-mail The Math Contest Team at the Department of Mathematics & Statistics.
Oct. 27, 2021

Registration deadline for the contest!

Due to changes necessitated by the COVID 19 crisis, the registration process is different from previous years. A teacher may register his/her students or the student may register themselves. Each student will need an individual email address for participating in the contest. The student's email address will the primary mechanism to identify the student.

  • If you are a teacher wanting to register your school, click here.
  • If you are a student wanting to register, please click here
Oct. 30, 2021 Link to the Round I exam is to sent directly to the email the student used to register for the contest. The exam is not sent to the schools. 
Oct. 30-Nov. 01, 2021  The Round I exam is administered online on a honor code basis to the registered students throughout the state.
Dec. 06, 2021 Round I exam results will be e-mailed to the students. Letters are e-mailed to Round II qualifiers. A copy of the results is sent to the respective schools.
Feb. 05, 2022 Public Lecture (TBA) and Round II exam (date tentative) 
Apr. 16, 2022 Banquet held in-person or online (date tentative)   
UNM-PNM Math Contest