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The goal of the contest is to promote mathematics education in New Mexico by rewarding students, teachers, and their schools for mathematics excellence. Between 700 to 1200 New Mexico students benefit from this program annually. The contest is open to all students in grades 7 - 12 as well as interested students in lower grades. The contest has two rounds of exams designed to test mathematical potential and ingenuity as well as formal knowledge. Round I is administered at the students's home school. Students from non-registered schools can take the Round I exam at the UNM campus as indicated in the Calendar of Events. The top finalists are invited to the UNM Campus in early February to compete in Round II. We will also continue the awards for the schools with the highest participation in the Contest First Round. The winners will be determined using the number of participants with non-zero scores on the Contest First Round scaled proprtionately to the school size. The annual contest is currently directed by Prof. James Degnan and Dr. Gleb Zhelezov.

Sponsorship of the UNM-PNM Statewide High School Mathematics Contest comes from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and a grant from the PNM.

Prizes presented in addition with gifts from Mu Alpha Theta (the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society) and a generous discount from the American Mathematical Society.

To find out more about Mu Alpha Theta, their scholarships, grants, free math competitions, and other benefits, please visit NCTM, MAA, SIAM, and AMATYC are sponsoring organizations of Mu Alpha Theta.

If you would like to support our contest, please click here to make a gift.


  • (January 16, 2022) You are invited to the annual public lecture, which will take place at 10 am on February 05! The event will take place over Zoom and registration is quick and easy: register here!
  • The round 1 exam for Fall 2021.
  • The round 1 exam for Fall 2021 with solutions.
  • (October 29, 2021) At this point, you should have received a link to the contest. If you've not received a link from us, please contact the contest sponsor at your school. If you're unable to contact them, please contact us at and we'll make sure you get your link!
  • (August 29, 2021) The first round of this year's contest will be held online. The registration information and schedule will be posted on September 01, 2021.
This year's schedule (2021-2022)
Sep. 01, 2021 Registration for schools and participants opens! Please download our promotional poster:
Sep. 15, 2021  Letters of Invitation announcing this year's contest are mailed to schools. If you or your school did not receive an announcement letter and you are interested in participating in this year's contest, please e-mail The Math Contest Team at the Department of Mathematics & Statistics.
Oct. 27, 2021

Registration deadline for the contest!

Due to changes necessitated by the COVID 19 crisis, the registration process is different from previous years. A teacher may register his/her students or the student may register themselves. Each student will need an individual email address for participating in the contest. The student's email address will the primary mechanism to identify the student.

  • If you are a teacher wanting to register your school, click here. (CLOSED!)
  • If you are a student wanting to register, please click here. (CLOSED!)
Oct. 30 28, 2021 Link to the Round I exam is to sent directly to the email the student used to register for the contest. The exam is not sent to the schools. Each school receives a list of their students' links.
Oct. 30-Nov. 01, 2021 The Round I exam is unlocked and is administered online on a honor code basis to the registered students throughout the state.
Dec. 06, 2021 Round I exam results will be e-mailed to the students. Letters are e-mailed to Round II qualifiers. A copy of the results is sent to the respective schools.
Feb. 05, 2022 Public Lecture (Prof. Peter Kuchment) and Round II exam
Apr. 16, 2022 Banquet held in-person or online (date tentative)


Last year's contest

Winners of the 2020-2021 Contest!

2020-2021 Contest, Round II, Spring 2021 questions

2020-2021 Contest, Round II, Spring 2021 answers

Public Lecture on Zoom at 10 am, Februrary 6th.

Speaker: Dr. Yuliya Gorb of National Science Foundation.All are welcome!

Title: " Why Math? "

Video: Youtube Video of the lecture

Presentation: Powerpoint slides

2020-2021 Contest, Round I, Fall 2020 questions

2020-2021 Contest, Round I, Fall 2020 answers